Building Your New Home

Building your home should be fun and exciting, but too often, we hear people talk about their previous home building experiences as frustrating, tiring, and awful. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Think about your most pleasant buying experience. You probably enjoyed it because you were well informed about the product, and felt comfortable that you were getting what you paid for.

The problem with home building is that it’s complicated, possibly the most complicated purchase you will make, and it is susceptible to the mistakes of a lot of players.

The reason all of O’Connor Builders clients remain friends and satisfied customers, is not because we try harder or work longer. It’s because we know more about the home building process than our competitors, and we strive for the best, open communication with the home owner every step of the way.

Other builders talk about their building process. Make them show it to you, then compare it to ours. When you combine all the elements of the O’Connor building experience you get a building program that:

  • Provides a clear picture of exactly what you are buying.

  • Insures that all parties understand and meet their task deadlines.

  • Includes well-defined goals and schedules, including after your home is complete.

Communication and planning are the keys to making good decisions in the home building process. O’Connor Builders provides more than any other builder. The result is a perfect building experience for our clients.